Company History

In an era of intelligent creation, Peaksmart emerged alongside a group of innovative and tech-savvy young people born in 1990s who stood out in the age of automation, dedicated themselves to their careers, dreams, health, and disciplined lifestyles.
The protagonist was a patient suffering from atrophy of the kidneys. In order to realize his dream, he devoted himself to the vortex of entrepreneurship, running around day and night, eating and resting irregularly. A doctor's diagnosis changed everything for him. He was told that he suffered from kidney atrophy and his health deteriorated severely. Faced with this reality, he did not give up, but embarked on a new journey.
Time is limited, he resolutely embarked on a journey of exploration to find the meaning of life. He traveled around of China, walked into cities and villages, and penetrated into the gap between poverty and wealth in the world, experienced the life of the poor and felt their hardship and longing. At the same time, he also appreciates the beauty of the great country, laughs and tears intertwined, and appreciates every moment of his life.
His spiritual journey made him re-examine the true meaning of life, also inspired his inner passion. He made up his mind to transform his experience and experience into strength, bring love and warmth to more people. He founded his own brand, not only committed to launching high-quality products, but also hopes to convey the emotional connection between people through the power of the brand, and encourage everyone to cherish life and care for others.
Peaksmart is not only a commercial entity, but also a platform that gathers love and struggle. His story is not only touching, but also inspires everyone to face life positively, pursue their dreams bravely, never forget their original aspirations, and convey love and hope.